Certificate in Supply Chain Finance

Recognised worldwide as a benchmark of competence in documentary credits, CDCS will build your skills and help you advance your trade finance career.

The Certificate in Supply Chain Finance is relevant to all trade finance professionals seeking to implement tailored open account finance solutions.

By studying CSCF you will understand the importance of knowing your clients and the operation of their physical supply chains.

You will learn the standard definitions of SCF, how to identify funding gaps as a result of trade cycle analysis and how to understand clients’ needs. In addition, you will develop your skills in structuring and implementing SCF solutions.

Analysis of the client’s underlying trade cycle, accurate identification and application of financing and risk mitigation solutions (including foreign exchange management and settlement) are essential to be able to meet clients’ needs and expectations.

Developing a broad understanding of the available finance options is central to success in this industry.
The Certificate in Supply Chain Finance is a Level 4 qualification registered with Ofqual in the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).


The core text for CSCF has been prepared by John Bugeja and Lionel Taylor of Trade Advisory Network; renown Academy Advanced Supply Chain Finance online module at no extra cost.
The wide-ranging scope of this international qualification includes:

  • the supply chain finance environment;
  • the role of traditional trade finance products;
  • the key components of trade cycle analysis;
  • the application and implementation of standard definitions for techniques of supply chain finance and associated legal, technological, cost and risk implications; 
  • the importance of innovation and strategy and;  
  • the management of foreign exchange exposures. 

You will be learning on the new VLE Brightspace.


CSCF is assessed through a single 2 hour 30-minute objective exam, split into two sections.

  • 60 multiple choice questions (a total of 60 marks available for section A)
  • 5 multiple choice questions and 5 multi-response questions (worth 1 mark each); followed by 3 case studies comprising a combination of questions requiring you to evaluate a scenario, including questions requiring you to pair statements from a selection of options, 10 marks will available for each case study (a total of 40 marks available for section B).

    You can book your exam at test centres or through remote invigilation. 
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